One of the best cities in Central Borneo is Sampit city. According to reported data as of August 2009, the estimated population of Sampit is 66,053. The average elevation of the town is 25 metres (82 ft). Sampit lies in southern-mid Borneo on the banks of the Sampit’s river also called the “Mentaya River”. Sampit also called the Mentaya City.


The most of the best place to visit in Sampit, are:

  1. Jelawat Statue

Hoven’s carp also known as the mad barb, jelawat fish or sultan fish, is a species of fish in the barb family. This is a new mascot of Sampit.

Sampit town icon was built on the banks of Mentaya, as well as in Singapore. So from here we hope will open different types of small business opportunities to help improve the welfare of the community,” said Supian.


2. Islamic Center

In addition, the arrangement of Park City, the construction of an Sampit icon of the mascot jelawat statue, modern market in the former location Mentaya Theatre, as well as the construction of a roundabout arrangement Islamic Center” in Sudirman road.

“Beside the function as islamic center activities, the place will be a religious tour object at this town. In addition, The Islamic Center should be our belief motivate” Said Supian (9/5)


3. City Park

Government of Kotawaringin East, Central Kalimantan, continue to make improvements to make becoming a tourist town of Sampit in 2015. The arrangement of city park made a new atmosphere for sampit image. It has some public facilities that better than before like the new monument, new stage performance, paving block and etc.


Reading Comperhansion

Reading the Descriptive Paragraph

A. Definition

A paragraph is a group of sentence that cover a single topic. The descriptive paragraph is paragraph which expresses or describe a specific things. And a report will tell you the general of situation. In brief, the descriptive paragraph gives readers a specific information than report text.

B. Characteristic

The characteristic of descriptive paragraph are:

  1. Purpose (Social Function) It will describe a particular person, place, or thing about.
  2. Generic Structure of it are: Identification, description, and closing
  3. Language features, focus on specific participant and simple present tense

House or Apartment?

Where do you live? In a house or an apartement? Some people chose a house than an apartment, and the other chose an apartement with any reason. Everyone has some characteristic to make deal choose the better one. There are some characteristic that you have to know about a good house or apartement:

1. Clean (you have to look around to make sure how clean the place that you will stay in)

2. Safe (try to find some information about the secure from the house or apartement agent, the people who live around, and might you need an internet to find some fact about the place)

3. Comfertable (make sure yourself about how nice the place and you can stay any longer or night forever)

And there are other reason, but it just a suggestion might you will be need it when you searching for the better one:

1. Cost (when you want to buy a house or rent an apartement, you have to make sure about how much your budget or your money and you will not make a wrong choice)

2. STRATEGIC (some people dont mind about the cost, they just thinking about how far the place that their stay from the market, the park, the restaurant, or their job’s place)

3. Luxurious (a house or an apartement can be an investation or just for fun, so some people made a luxurious house)

And remember when you want to describe about a place use an  ADJECTIVE!!! *my lecture said, thanks for Mr.Ali

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