Mandi Safar (Final Product)

Name      :  Lina Andriani

SRN         :  1401120996

Subject   :  Writing II/C

Lecturer :  M. Zaini Miftah, M.Pd

         Sampit city has a traditional culture whose everyone swim on Mentaya’s river and it was called ‘Mandi Safar’. It was on Arba Musta’mir to reminded about the death of Husain bin Ali bin Abi Thalib who led his army to leave Makkah to Kufah. In general, it was a symbol of unity between the government and the society. Everyone who join the event have to wearing the sawang’s leaf on the head or waist it to protect them from the bad things. There are 41 kinds of traditional cake like cucur, apam, wajik, etc., for everyone after the prayer at the end of the activity. The tradition became very popular because not only the people of the region but the government, tourist, or everyone can join with this one. Regardless the place of the event do, Mandi Safar usually crowded with visitors enthusiastic.

Sampit : One of the city in Central Kalimantan

Mentaya’s River : The biggest and largest river in Sampit

Safar : The second month in Hijriyah calendar

Arba Musta’mir : The last of Wednesday on Safar’s Month

Husain bin Ali bin Abi Thalib : The grandchild of Muhammad

Makkah : One of the city in Saudi Arabia

Kufah : One of the city in Iraq

Sawang’s leaf : The green leaf with red line

crowded : full of



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