Noni’s Leaf Botok (First Draft)

Name      :  Lina Andriani

SRN         :  1401120996

Subject   :  Writing II/C

Lecturer :  M. Zaini Miftah, M.Pd

Noni’s leaf botok was a delicious and unique food were made in Dayak, Central Kalimantan. The food has the same ingredients as botok that everyone knows. It just added the leaf of noni. Some people sliced the leaf and cooked it with the botok, but the other wraped it up the botok with the leaf. And sometimes they added baung fish for more tasted. The food not very popular yet, because many people thought the tasted of the food was horrible. They don’t know that the leaf had very high vitamin, mineral, protein, healthy, and delicious. However, this was a great food and everyone have to taste it.

Noni: White fruit with brown freckle, or Mengkudu in Indonesian

Botok: Food that made from coconut and vegetable

Sliced: Cut

Wraped it up: Package

Baung Fish: Lele fish

Horrible: Not Delicious




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